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Do you feel me there with you, right now?


Dec 28th at 2AM / 0 notes

I’m going to take a passive-aggressive approach to my new found writing. Such as right now, I will be taking an aggressive approach to my other realization I had today. First off, I’d like to mention that I am still trying to turn a new leaf and that this will be the year of responsibilities, but I would also love to mention, that I can’t. Not yet, at least. Second, my problem, happens to be a choice I made many months ago. I made a huge mistake, and I continue to feed and nurture it- no I’m not pregnant, but I may very well be, than have to deal with this. I made a mistake about “love”. I was lonely, and no, I haven’t delved into those games, but I was in need of a friend and a love? So I told a few white lies, that turned into HUGE lies, then I acted out those lies like I was an actress on Broadway. I should really win an award, but to bad my life isn’t a movie. Third, I royally f*ed up, and now, my life’s turned upside down. Well, at least my mind has. Don’t lie, if you can fix the lie you’ve told. It’s beyond fixing, and the only way I’ll get out, is if I tell another lie! So, here goes nothing. I’ll tell another huge lie, and weasel my way out this mess I’ve created for myself. Sometimes I wish I could talk about it, but it’s so f*ed up, I can’t. I really f*ed up. Oh my GOD, I f*ed up. Like, F*k! Argh, anyways. I will get out, and I will sell out, and it’s going to be so CONVINCING, I’ll believe it myself. I know the saying goes, “You can right a wrong, with two wrongs.” Well, in some cases you can, and need to. Or else, the life you live outside of that lie, gets damaged, and your left with nothing but yourself. Which for me, is alright, but not completely. My advice to you, is to not f*ing lie. EVER. Don’t do something you can’t get out of. If that guy who likes you and asks you out, but you don’t like him; reject him kindly, don’t go out with him, cause you feel bad. (That’s not my problem, but an example) so seriously. Jesus H Christ. 

Signing off,


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me at my highschool reunion

me coming back to mcdonalds in the same day

My friend stalking her ex-boyfriend






what is this from 



wat is this movie

lily collins is so beautiful, what is this movie?

Stuck in Love!


Dec 26th at 6PM / 0 notes

I learned today that, just because life gets hard, that doesn’t mean you have to give up. I learned that, even in this small life that we lead and that we live, we aren’t insignificant. In fact, we have the loudest voices, within our hearts and our spirits. I have to say, that I’ve come a long way from who I was. And although it’s incredibly cliche to say that in this New Year, I hope to change, and I hope to grow. I wish that. I wish to become a better person, I wish to shed the insecurities that I’ve worn for so long, and I hope to learn that through my heart ache and desperation I found a light at the end of the tunnel. Things will continue to be greener on the side, and maybe I made it here, things could use a bit of cleaning up, but the important things is to say that “I made it.” It isn’t just about the hurt any more, it’s about what I learned from it. And as long as I’m here, I’ll learn to love the life I live. Be the person I want to become. Better myself with the good qualities of life. I may be a dreamer, but I want to change my dreams into a reality. “The clouds are clearing up” and I intend to live my life. 

Begin your story.


(Insert title here)

Dec 24th at 3AM / 0 notes

I don’t really know where to begin.. I mean, I guess I could start about the time I was born, but nothing detrimental happened to me in my life when I was a day old.

How about, when I figured out that nothing would ever appear the way it should be. Maybe, when I learned that hypothesizing was the same as making a proper misinterpretation of a scene. I don’t really know. What I do know, is that when I woke up this morning, I felt incomplete somehow. My life is going great, I mean extraordinary, it’s never been this fantastic. Except my mind wasn’t working, it was in this slump, this terrible funk, and I still haven’t been able to pull myself out of it. Sometimes I feel like I’m falling, and there isn’t anything to latch onto. Although the walls are made of dirt and vine, so many things to grab and hold, but I can’t, it wiggles out of my fingers like wet noodles. Then I begin to immediately judge myself, not because I’m falling, but because I have such grenadier thoughts, that compel and spiral me into a form of western hemisphere adulthood. I’m not a sad and sappy case, I’m just a teenager who seems to think way too often, sometimes I compare myself to characters in novels, because it’s easy. Maybe, I think so much because I’m trying to give myself unconscious advice, that’ll somehow wake me up and make me realize this exceptional truth. Perhaps, I’m in this vortex of provocation because I’d much rather deal with the sometimes overwhelming amount of depression I have. The saddest things in life, are sometimes the most happiest in mine. I’m not usually this lifeless, but today I felt like I was. Maybe I’m never “bubbly” and I pretend to be. That’s the case, isn’t it? I’m this treacherous round pit of contradictions and my whole life revolves around people, or rather myself thinking it revolves around people. Sometimes I think I never listen. Well, actually I never listen, I hear, but I don’t listen. That’s another problem. Ack, now I’m listing the disfigurements of my psychological well-being. I think I need help, or I think I need to stop acting like such a wuss. Why am I even awake right now? It’s too damn early and too damn late to be discussing the problems of my inner sanctum, or maybe people are most honest during the night when their truly alone. I don’t understand why I feel like this, sometimes I get into these funks I mentioned earlier, and I just ramble on like this’ll be some life lesson to someone. It won’t be, unless I become more profound. Maybe another time, when I feel more inspired and less dulled. Life to me, in this very moment, is banal. If you’ve taken the time to read this, then tell me about what you think about, and if you didn’t make it this far, well, you couldn’t very well participate. Anyways, rambles to shambles. Off you and I go. Next chat time we’ll discuss something more pertinent to life.  (Also, excuse all my grammatical errors.)


Dazzling mehndi


Dazzling mehndi

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Northern Lights over an Erupting Volcano

In April 2010, the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull spewed great ash clouds into the sky and caused enormous disruptions to air travel in Europe. The eruptions are best remembered for this inconvenience, but photographer James Appleton managed to capture the event in a different way. In the weeks before the disturbances, a vulcanologist friend of his alerted him to the unfolding volcanic drama, and Appleton travelled straight to the Icelandic mountain before it was closed off. Risking his life to battle extreme cold, high winds, and seismic activity, Appleton captured a rare but gorgeous scene: the glowing lava from an Eyjafjallajökull fissure with the Northern Lights—Aurora Borealis—overhead. These are two very different light sources, so “the photograph needed parts of the scene selectively blocked for sections of the exposure to balance the contrast,” Appleton recalls. “A Mars bar wrapper came in handy for this!”

That I drew!


That I drew!

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Edgar Moskopp